How it works

We connect borrowers with lenders.

We provide the platform and infrastructure that enables businesses to apply for a loan and for lenders to lend their money and receive monthly repayments from businesses they have lent to.

We undertake a full credit assessment of the borrower's business.

We manage all the paperwork, loan agreements, transfer of funds, monthly repayments and the assignment of relevant funds back to the lenders. We also manage any debt recovery action when needed, and keep affected lenders updated regularly.

How Lending Works

Asset backed lending model


Through a unique collaboration with ‘The Business Lending Exchange Ltd’ (BLX), we are able to offer our lenders the opportunity to lend to BLX who offer asset backed hire agreements they have already originated as security for loan requests they make to us.

BLX have provided a debenture to Tally Marketplace Lending Security Trustee Company Ltd.

Lenders receive monthly capital and interest repayments.


To find out more about what security Funding Empire has over these deals please click here.

To find out more about what security BLX has over their borrowers, please click here.

How it works

Stage 1

BLX originate an asset backed loan to their borrower.
To find out more about this, click here.

Stage 2

BLX submit the deal to us online and we check it meets our criteria and all the loan
documentation is in order. If approved by us, we list the loan request for our lenders to invest in.

For more details on the deal flow process for these loans, please click here.

Stage 3

The loan request is then listed on our platform for lenders to invest in at a fixed rate, which is displayed on each loan listing.

These asset backed loans, operate a ‘fixed rate’ auction which means all lenders can only bid at that rate. Once the loan request is filled, the auction will end.

To find out more about the ‘Bidding’ process, please click here.

Stage 4

Once the auction ends, we carry out our final checks and then originate the loan to BLX.

Stage 5

Monthly repayments of capital and interest are distributed to lenders once received from the borrower.

More details about these stages can be found on our Lender and FAQ pages.

How our secondary loan market works

Lenders can list any performing loan parts they own for sale by using our ‘Loan Marketplace’. This provides lenders with a chance to sell their loan parts for whatever reason, and release their capital early.

To find out more about how the secondary loan market, please click here. You can also find additional information on our FAQ page.

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