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Access To Finance Review


The Minister for Economy, Science and Transport commissioned an independent review which was led by Professor Dylan Jones-Evans of the University of the West of England, to examine how effectively Welsh businesses could access existing sources of funding.

The aim of the review was to identify areas of particular challenge and provide recommendations for action.

Stage 1

The first part of this review focused on the efficacy of the high street banks in providing the finance needed by Welsh businesses, SMEs in particular.

Stage 2

The second part of the review examined the alternative sources of finance available to Welsh SMEs. Stage 2 report is now available and a consultation period will now open and run up to 06 December 2013. Please email your comments to: AccessToFinanceReview@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK 

The business community, SMEs, investors, financial institutions, intermediaries and member bodies are invited to come forward with their views to help drive change in this vital area.

Document Download


Access To Finance Review Stage 1 Report (PDF 474 KB)


Access To Finance - Review Stage 2 Report (.doc 958 KB)


Access To Finance Review - Executive summary (.doc 88 KB)

Source: Welsh Government

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